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A website devoted to the handcrafting of model ships and boats and the study of Maritime Life

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Welcome to Model Ships

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My hobby is crafting model ships and boats, including the study of maritime life.

 I do not sell any of my models. I make them for the enjoyment of myself, family and friends.

Below are some of the subjects covered in the Model Ships site:


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Need help with a modeling problem? Or maybe you would like to start handcrafting a model ship or boat. Visit our Ship Modeling Forum. This Forum is for both newbies and old salts; wood, static, scratch, kit, scale, plastic, resin, pond, bottle, Radio Control, etc, - ship and boat modelers and hobbyists. We try to establish a friendly place where fellow hobbyists can exchange ideas, discuss techniques, talk about modeling problems, and in general - enjoy our mutual hobby; model ships and boats.

Some of the subjects covered in the Ship Modeling Forum site:

Typical Forum Topics:

Additional Modeling Materials:

  • Scuttlebutt Forum: This forum is for general discussions about our hobby; model ships, boats and/or maritime life. Have a modeling problem? What’s the best set of plans for a fully rigged tall ship model? Are you new to Shipmodeling? Who has the best supply of Ship plans or Boat plans?

  • Reviews of model kits: Tell the forum about your experiences with different ship and boat model kits. Have a favorite manufacturer? Do you prefer kits or do you like to scratch build? Or do you prefer kit 'bashing'? Were the ship/boat plans from so and so’s kit any good?  Is this kit good for a beginning ship modeler?

  • Shop and/or modeling tips: Have a little shop or modeling tip to share with the forum? Your favorite glue? Have any tools to recommend? What's the best method to prevent shrinkage of rigging? How do you convert scales off of ship plans? What’s the best method for rigging a tall ship or a Schooner?  Share your advice with other modelers.

  • Articles and Shop Notes:  Focus on the construction of model ships and boats, and other general maritime material. Some may be illustrated with small photographs and/or other graphic material. Some examples: "Bending hull planks", "Using Beeswax", "Shipwrights Terminology".

  • Books/Magazines/Films: A listing of books and magazines about different hobby related subjects. From books on modeling techniques, and maritime stories to hobby magazines. Such titles as: Planking Techniques for Model Ship Builders, Shipmodeling from Scratch,  The Ship Model Builder's Assistant, Ship Modeler's Shop Notes, Ship plans, plus more……. 

  • Modeling Resources: A extensive list of links to resources for modelers divided into subjects such as: Ship Art Work, Ship Museums/History of ships and boats, Photography - A photo gallery of Tall Ship Photos, Modeling Supplies (such as glue, wood, model kits, hobby materials, etc), Display Cases, Ships Plans and more....

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A web site forum devoted to the handcrafting of model ships and boats.

 It's a hobby, not a job. Have fun and enjoy the pastime of making model ships and boats!

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